Trading Academy

Trading Academy

Before you start trading, you have to learn this art from the right people. You cannot think about starting trading in any financial market unless you have gained proper knowledge of the assets, how they work, what trading is like, and how you can put your money in trade. There are many different concepts that you have to wrap your head around before you start trading. You have to make sure that you understand everything clearly before you put even a single dollar on the line. The best part about online learning is that the broker you sign up with will provide you with the knowledge you need about the financial market and asset that you are interested in.  

Similarly, you will find all the helpful training material that you need from Global CTB as well. Once you have learned about trading you can step in the world of trading with confidence and make sure that your trades are successful.  

Why the Need of a Trading Academy 

You learn about things all your life before you do them. In fact, you have instruction manuals that come with your products to explain how you are supposed to use that product. If you don’t learn those things, you can end up with mishaps. The same can happen in the financial markets. When you don’t learn about the asset that you want to trade or the financial market that you want to be a part of, you can end up with losses. You will not know what you are doing and why you are picking a particular position. It is important to know that the value of the asset seems like the first thing to notice before you enter a trade, but there are dozens of other underlying factors that you must understand other than the price of the asset.  

At the same time, to a new trader, it might seem that only the best market conditions are for trading. A new trader might believe that when the market conditions are bad, he/she is not supposed to trade. But what’s wrong in many ways. When you have proper trading knowledge, you can trade in even the worst market conditions. That’s what trading education is all about, and that’s what you will learn from Global CTB trading academy. Not to forget, when you have the trading educational material available from your broker, you don’t have to sign up with third party coaches and trainer who charge you a lot of money for basic training only.  

What’s Included in the Trading Academy

Different brokers offer you different types of training materials when you access their trading academies. However, you will get the best of both worlds when you choose to learn with Global CTB. Here is what you will get with the trading academy.  

  • Ebooks  

You will have ebooks that will explain to you every single thing about trading. They will take you through the basics of trading and into the advanced strategies. Once you have read these books, you will know why certain things happen in the financial market. You will also know when and how to react to certain market conditions. Ebooks allow you to learn at your own pace. 

  • VODs 

You can learn trading through videos as well. This format of learning is preferred by traders who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to the training. They just want to start trading as soon as possible. Videos make even the most complex concepts easy to understand because of the moving graphics they can use to their advantage. Videos teach you everything that ebooks do and a little more at a much faster pace.  

  • Webinars  

Webinars are like seminars but in the digital world. When you become a part of a webinar, you will be learning from experts live. You will be a part of a digital seminar where you will listen to the best experts of the industry talking about trading from every possible angle. The best part about webinars is that you can ask any questions that you might have in your mind on the spot.  

  • One-on-One Training Sessions 

You will usually get this particular feature based on the account that you choose. In many cases, one-on-one training session is reserved for advanced and professional traders. This particular feature is not included with the basic account. This is the most effective way to learn trading because you have an expert giving you their personal time to teach you everything you want to learn. You can ask questions, clarify your confusion, and get tips on how to trade to be successful within just a few minutes.  

Who Trading Academy Is For

It does not matter how much experience of trading you have. If you want to learn something, you will find helpful material in the trading academy. You don’t have to think that just because you are a new trader you are the only one who will be learning. In fact, expert and professional traders need training as well. They can learn advanced strategies to polish their trading skills and go to the next level of trading. You will notice from the trading academy from Global CTB that there are courses and training materials available for all types of traders. The course material has been divided into basic, advanced, and professional trader categories.  

How to Access the Trading Academy

You just have to sign up with Global CTB to access the trading academy. Once you have picked an account and made the first initial deposit, you will not have to pay anything for the videos, ebooks, and webinars that come within the trading academy. You can always choose how much you want to learn. You can learn only the basics of trading from the trading academy or you can go deeper into concepts and understand them through one-on-one sessions with the best experts of the trading world. However, do keep in mind that you might have the one-on-one training sessions limited to only particular types of accounts. Make sure you pick the right account for your trading needs before you sign up.