Is Global CTB Scam Or Legit – Here’s the Truth!

Global CTB Scam Or Legit?

Is Global CTB Scam Or Legit – Here’s the Truth!

While it should not be the case, the world has come to a point where you have to find out whether the broker you are about to sign up with is legit or not. Unfortunately, the online world is full of brokers who claim to be legitimate, but they are not. In addition to that, you have many fraudsters and scammers who have already snatched millions of dollars from innocent traders from around the world. This has made everyone extremely conscious about their trading decision. If you are worried about this challenge too, you are not the only one. There are millions of others like you who are going through the same feeling.

Now, if you look online, you will find a lot of information about Global CTB. This is an online broker that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies. The problem here is that people are extremely worried before they sign up with any online broker for cryptocurrency trading. The cryptocurrency market is the hottest market right now and that’s why most of the online scams are lurking in this market. You have to be very careful when you set foot in the online trading of cryptocurrencies. And when you are looking for some of the best online brokers who allow you to trade cryptocurrencies, you should definitely consider Global CTB.

In this particular review, we are going to find out if this broker is scam or legit. If it is a scam, you should stay away from it. If it is a legitimate broker, you should not wait too long before you sign up with it and start trading cryptocurrencies. So, let’s find out the truth.

Global CTB – Is Cryptocurrency a Legitimate Activity?

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The first thing you have to know before you even raise your finger at the online is whether the activity you are about to be involved in is legitimate. So, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, there are many confusions in the minds of the people. For this particular reason, they might not give you the best advice when it comes to guiding you with regards to the right broker. Is cryptocurrency trading a legitimate activity? The short answer is yes. However, you have to know the long answer as well so you know the whole story. You can’t justify your trading to a third person by simply telling them that this activity is legitimate.

So, the first thing you have to know is that online trading has been around for quite some time. The people in the past used to trade in the financial markets. They had to visit these markets or small exchanges where they could trade the assets they were interested in. However, with the coming of the internet, everything was brought online and people were able to trade from the comfort of their homes. They could not trade on the trading platforms that were provided to them by online brokers. They could now trade forex currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, metals, etc. from the comfort of their homes.

This has been happening for many years now. Traders from around the world sign up with hundreds of online brokers and use their trading platforms for trading in various financial markets. Yes, if you do not  know already, there are hundreds of online brokers you can sign up with today. In addition to that, you have millions of traders who have already signed up with these brokers and they are trading right now as you read this. These traders make money on successful trades. They usually try to keep their losses at minimum by minimizing their losses. All of the trading tools they need for trading strategically are provided to them by their brokers.

Now, cryptocurrency is just a new market but you can say that it is just like other financial markets like forex, stock exchange, etc. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies i.e. currencies that are produced and used on the internet. These cryptocurrencies have been around for more than a decade now. Millions of people around the world own them, and just as many buy them every day from online cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to that, many people have become millionaires by trading, exchanging, and holding cryptocurrencies. For an online broker, they just have to add cryptocurrencies to their asset index in which they already have forex currency pairs, stocks, commodities etc.

In this manner, you know that trading digital coins with online brokers is not an illegitimate activity. It is completely normal for you to trade cryptocurrencies. Not to mention, you don’t always own the cryptocurrencies that you are trading when you trade them in the form of CFDs.

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Does the Broker Protect You in Any Way?

If you are signing up with a scam broker, you will never be able to find any protection for yourself in any form. You will be surprised to know that you need many different types of protection when you sign up with online brokers and trade with them. Let’s discuss each type of safety one by one and see if Global CTB provides you with the right protection.

·        Protecting Your Personal and Banking Information

The first thing that a broker has to protect for its traders is their information. You will be surprised to know that your information means much more than your money in today’s world. If someone steals your money, they only have your money. However, if someone steals your information, they have your money and your identity. They can pretend to be you on many websites. Since they can pretend to be you, they can also perform many illegal activities in your name. For example, they might fund terrorist organizations, buy heroine, or do something else illegal on the internet and provide your information when it comes to identifying themselves.

However, you will not have to worry about anything of that sort when you sign up with Global CTB. This broker is going to protect your information in a variety of ways. The broker protects your information through encryption. Encryption means that your information is converted in a format that cannot be read or understood by anyone. As soon as you provide your personal and banking information on the website of the broker, it will be encrypted. In others words, you can have mental peace when you sign up with this broker.

·        Protecting Your Money

Just because your information is more important than your money in today’s world does not mean that your money is not valuable. Of course, when you sign up with an online broker, you are going to trade with them. Since you are going to trade with them, you will have to fund your account with the broker. When you fund your account, the broker has to make sure that it will protect your money. How does the broker do that? Well, the broker has to make sure that every penny that you deposit in your account goes into segregated accounts. Is your broker doing that?

You will be happy to know that Global CTB is doing to the money deposited by its traders. It takes care of their money by separating it and putting it in segregated accounts.

·        Protecting the Platform

Sometimes, you lose a great deal of money only because the broker you sign up with is involved in some illegitimate activities. The broker might not be hurting you directly but it will hurt you in the long run with an illegal activity. So, how does the broker do that? Well, the broker can provide its trading platform and online trading account to people who are looking to hide their money. Think about money launderers for a second. They are always on the lookout for a way to hide their money and stay away from the law so they can keep their money safe. Online brokers can prove to be great places for them to hide their money and stay safe.

When the broker does not ask the trader who he/she is and where all the money came from, then the trader can do anything. Think about it. How will the broker recognize some illegal entity if it does not even ask for their personal information?

You will not face such unethical practices from the broker when you sign up with Global CTB. This broker is all about morals and ethics. You will notice that the broker has proper AML and KYC policies in place. The KYC police stands for Know Your Customer policy, which means the broker has to identify each and every trader that signs up on its trading platform. On the other hand, the AML policy is the anti-money laundering policy. With these policies in place, the broker makes sure that only legitimate entities can sign up on its trading platform.

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Does Global CTB Provide Valid Trading Accounts?

So, when you sign up with an online broker, especially a valid and legitimate one, you will notice that they usually have a lot of different accounts types for you to choose from. Why are there so many different accounts types for you to choose from? Well, the broker stands as a trading platform for traders from around the world. At the same time, it is a trading platform that provides equal opportunity to every trader to make money in the financial markets. For that reason, it creates different accounts types that can suit different types of traders. You will not see that with scam brokers.

You will usually see them offering you no account at all. They just tell you that you have to deposit a certain amount of money to start trading with them. That’s because they are scammers and they will run away with the money you give them. When you sign up with a trustworthy broker like Global CTB, you have many different account types to choose from. You will have an account that suits your trading needs no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are.

Global CTB offers you these different accounts. If you go with the basic account, you will be able to start trading with just a small amount. The first deposit that you have to make in your account is so small that you will not have any problems starting trading with the broker. You will have access to the demo account as well, in which you will receive dummy money to use in the financial markets. This perfect simulation of online trading will help you learn trading and give you the opportunity to have a look at how real trading looks like in real markets.

If you are an advanced trader, you will find an account for yourself. This particular account will give you all the features that you have in the basic account. However, the amount that you have to deposit in this account will be a bit bigger than the one you had to deposit in the basic account. However, it is important to mention here that the amount is still pretty small, however, the features that you will get access to are some great ones. You will get some access to trading signals as well. These signals will help you identify whether you should buy a particular asset or sell it in the market.

After that, you have professional accounts, which are designed for people who understand trading like the back of their hands. They have been around in the financial markets for many years. They understand what trading is all about and they have the knowledge of all the strategies that can work in just about any type of market conditions. The broker also has accounts for them. These accounts require the traders to make a huge deposit. However, the features that they get access to are second to none. They get a lot of customized services in addition to extremely tight spreads and very big leverages on their trades. When they need help, they are provided with help on a personal level.

Is the Trading Platform Any Good?

One of the issues you will face with online scammers is that they don’t have a trading platform at all. They keep telling you that you can sign up on their trading platform, but they never show you one. In addition to that, they make a lot of false promises as well. For example, they will tell you that you can make a lot of money with them within a week if you give them only $250. That’s a huge lie. When you sign up with legitimate brokers, you will never hear such promises. Brokers understand that trading is not a game of luck. It is a game of skill and the more skillful you are with your trades, the more money you can make.

The broker can never make a promise or claim about the outcomes of your trades. However, when you sign up with scammers, they will always tell you that you can make a lot of money, but they don’t have a trading platform to offer you.

When it comes to a broker like Global CTB, you will see that you have access to a great trading platform. This trading platform is suited to just about any type of trader out there. Whether you are someone who prefers to trade traditionally on a computer or you like to trade on your mobile devices, you will find something that will suit your trading style.

The trading platform from the broker is there for you no matter which device you are on. The web-trader is something you don’t even have to download if you want to use it. You can use this trading platform on your personal computer, tablet, or even your smartphone. The best thing is that when you have the same trading platform on all your devices, you don’t have to go through the learning curve.

In addition to that, you will notice that the trading platform is compatible with your devices no matter which operating system you have. Whether you are using an Android phone or an iPhone, you will not face any issues with the trading platform from this broker.

What Cryptocurrencies Can You Trade?

With scammers, you can’t trade anything since you can’t access any trading platform. On the other hand, when you sign up with Global CTB, you will find many different cryptocurrencies that you can trade. The best thing about the broker is that it does not keep you limited with your choices of digital coins. With many online brokers, you have a very limited choice in terms of which cryptocurrencies you can trade with the broker. If the broker does not allow you to trade a particular cryptocurrency, you can’t trade it at all. Or, you will have to change the broker to trade that digital coin.

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Now, if you are looking for the big cryptocurrencies, you will not miss them when you sign up with Global CTB. You have Bitcoin and Ethereum available for trading if you are interested in them. However, if you are looking for some experimentation with some new digital coins, you can trade many of them with Global CTB. For example, you can trade Litecoin, Stellar, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, etc. You don’t always get these options with other brokers.

Will the Broker Train You on Cryptocurrency Trading?

If you are not signing up with a broker that is legitimate, you can expect to learn nothing more than some generic information about trading. That’s what causes many traders to lose their money with online brokers. They pay money to learn trading, only to realize later that the broker has not provided them with any useful information. In many cases, the ebooks from the brokers have been written by people who know nothing about trading. The worst part is that many online brokers even lie about the type of training you will receive with them.

For example, they call themselves cryptocurrency brokers, and tell you that you will receive a lot of education on cryptocurrency trading, but you never do. The broker does not have any good piece of material on cryptocurrency trading. You will be impressed by the type of educational material that Global CTB has on its website. This training material contains ebooks and videos to train you. In addition to that, you can even participate in webinars to learn directly from the experts of the industry.

Can You Deposit and Withdraw Money Safely?

This is the biggest problem you will face when you sign up with a wrong broker on the internet. Unfortunately, there are many brokers that do not provide you with safe options to deposit money in your account. When it comes to a recommended broker like Global CTB, you will be able to deposit money in your account through your credit card, debit card, or bank wire transfer. However, you will have to provide pictorial proofs that you own these accounts, credit cards, and other pieces of documents that you are claiming to belong to your account.

With some brokers, you end up paying a lot of money in the form of commissions. These commissions take a big bite out of the profits you make with the broker. However, when you sign up with Global CTB, you will not have to face these problems. The broker has provided you with safe options to deposit money in your account. If you have identified yourself and provided all the banking information as the broker has asked for, you will not have any problems withdrawing your money with Global CTB.

Final Verdict

It can be easily said that the features provided by Global CTB are some of the finest features that are provided by only the big and experienced brokers in the industry. At the same time, the broker has all the safety protocols in place for the encryption of your information and segregation of your money. You can start small with a small deposit or go with a professional account if you want. In other words, you have all the options that you want with this broker that you might not have with other brokers. There are no false claims from the broker and cryptocurrency trading is just as real and legitimate as forex or stock trading. With all those things in mind, you can say that Global CTB is not a scam, but a legitimate online broker for cryptocurrency trading.

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